Special Sales Items.

Unique Logs

We are sawmillers, and our job is to cut up logs into boards. But every so often a log comes into our possession which is the embodiment of so much history and character that we cannot bear to cut it up. Its whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts. So, we put the log aside, waiting for the right opportunity to find a buyer who will appreciate it as much as we do, and want to honour and respect it as an expression of nature at its finest.

Log Lots for Sale

Huon pine log lots, sold in slab form to enable the joiner and furniture maker to have a consistent range of texture, grain and flexibility of sizes. This is a method of processing that has been well received by boat builders and joiners in recent years.

Special Huon Pine Slabs

Selected rare and special Huon pine slabs, ideal for feature furniture and making family heirlooms.

Craft Timber

Expressions of interest sought.

Direct Sales Strahan

Not Just Any Bush

It's not just any bush, if you smell it again your memory goes back  Tasmanian Special Timbers' co-owner Randal Morrison was interviewed for the Western Wilds Story Stop project. He reminisced about his time as a child working on Huon Pine with his sawmiller...

You don’t need paint or pencils

Beautiful timber begets, provokes and encourages beautiful things to be made from it. Sometimes our clients will send us photographs of the finished items they have made from our timber, and we are pleased to celebrate that work on screens in our shop, and on our...

It Takes A Village

If you think that places like Queenstown and Strahan are isolated, spare a thought for those living in the little settlement that surrounded the Princess River sawmill, in the King Valley east of Queenstown. Who came first, the cattle ranch or the Bradshaw...