Tasmanian Special Timbers – the Huon Pine Specialists


For decades we have been providing the bulk of Tasmania’s high quality, unique and amazing Huon Pine, and almost all of the world’s supply of the extraordinary King Billy Pine.

As a company, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our very special timbers are used to create wonderful furniture, artisan products, pianos, stringed instruments, art pieces and sculpture and boats.

By any measure, Tasmanian Special Timbers has been providing Tasmania’s quality timbers (particularly Huon and King Billy Pine) for longer than any other company in the world. With seven generations in the Tasmanian timber industry, our knowledge, involvement and care for our product is unparalleled. From prisoners and free settlers, all the way through to today’s entrepreneurs, we have seen them all, and are still managing and husbanding this most precious of resources. Our methods of production are hands-on and labour- intensive, and each piece of timber is assessed and handled for maximum value.

Huon pine and boat builders

Boat builders love Huon pine  In this video, courtesy of our friends at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Randal Morrison tells us why Huon pine is so important as a boat building timber.

Covid 19 update

 Yes, we are operating fully despite the Covid 19 restrictions  Our sawmill at Lynchford is operating it's usual hours of 8.00 - 4.00 Monday to Thursday. Social distancing is not a problem at this site, as we've never seen those blokes standing closer than 1.5...

Award Winning Tasmania

 Award winning Tasmania - a quick video tour of our Strahan shop  Henry Terry and David Foster visited the Strahan shop as part of their filming project called Award Winning Tasmania. The finished product will be shown on broadcast TV shortly, and in the meantime...

A legacy for our grandchildren.

So much of the Tasmanian timber industry involves clear felling, mono cultures and short growth cycles.

But at Tasmanian Special Timbers we turn these processes around: we deal only with logs stockpiled from salvage operations, collected after floods, or ancient stumps and roots taken from the forest floor after centuries lying in place.

We then patiently and carefully handle and saw the logs, skillfully drying the timber and eventually releasing it to the next custodian on its journey. We understand that, while the trees continue to thrive in the river valleys and mountain slopes of Western Tasmania, there will never be another crop of logs. Accordingly we must honour and respect the ancient organisms they represent, and ensure that supplies of Huon and King Billy Pine timber continue to be available into our grandchildren’s generation.

Quality, not quantity, and patience and care are the hallmarks of our operation.

Entry to Tasmanian Special Timbers’ client list requires a commitment to using the timber in careful ways to ensure it lasts for generations. If you become a valued client of ours you will have access to the most unique and precious timber in the world.