Direct Sales Strahan

Visitors and browsers welcome – we don’t care if you buy; just come and enjoy the smell, and marvel at the stories of this remarkable and unique Tasmanian industry.

Buy direct from Tasmanian Special Timbers, Strahan – the best smelling shop in Australia

  • Large slabs of beautiful, glowing, figured Huon pine.
  • A ‘lucky dip’ offcuts bin with most pieces priced at $0.50c.
  • Blanks and squares, dry and ready for immediate wood turning, in Huon pine, King Billy pine and, occasionally, blackwood, myrtle and celery-top pine.
  • Huon pine boards cut into small and medium sizes – perfect for kitchen chopping boards – priced from as little as $5.00.
    Racks of seasoned and sawn Huon pine and King Billy pine in a variety of sizes and lengths.
  • Coffee table sized slabs of Huon pine.
  • Photographs, maps, videos and information on the trees and timber and the careful processes used to salvage and husband this precious resource.

We can freight to anywhere in Australia

You can find all of these things in our shop on the Strahan waterfront, at the ‘carpark end’ of the Wilderness Woodworks building (just past the Visitor’s Centre).

Open daily, from about 9.30 to about 5.30

We’re alive to tell the story – a childhood at Princess River.

 We're alive to tell the story - a childhood at Princess River.  Tasmanian Special Timbers' staff member Vicki Knowles (nee Bradshaw) was interviewed for the Western Wilds' Story Stop project. Vicki told us delightful and hair raising stories of her childhood...

Malt Whisky By The Fire

It’s many people’s vision of heaven – sipping a dram of malt whisky while toasting your feet by the fire. Tasmania is beautifully situated with the raw materials for fine whisky making: an abundance of pure, soft water; good quality barley; and large areas of peat...

Drought With Legs

Bill Gammage, in his brilliant book The Biggest Estate on Earth describes fire as ‘drought with legs’. He also explains how ‘eucalypts and fire formed an alliance, which people joined’.Australians living in almost the entire continent are familiar with...