Special Huon Pine Slabs for Sale

We have selected an offering of some rare and special Huon pine slabs.

Huon Pine Slab 0945    

A Table To Build A House Around

Length 2.69 metres
Width Averaging 1.0m
Thickness 40mm
Price $6,500 plus GST
Freight $400 – $1,500*


Slab 0945  Nicely figured, this ancient Huon pine slab has an unusual rope pattern, is symmetrically shaped, and has a quality natural edge. A wonderful one-piece dining room table – a table to build a house around. 

Inspections are welcome by arrangement.

This slab averages over 1.0 m in width, 2.69 m long and 40 mm thick.

This special slab can be yours for $6,500 + GST, with a further $400 to $1500 to freight it to any Australian mainland capital city.

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