Special Huon Pine Slabs For Sale

Huon pine and boat builders

Boat builders love Huon pine  In this video, courtesy of our friends at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Randal Morrison tells us why Huon pine is so important as a boat building timber.

Covid 19 update

 Yes, we are operating fully despite the Covid 19 restrictions  Our sawmill at Lynchford is operating it's usual hours of 8.00 - 4.00 Monday to Thursday. Social distancing is not a problem at this site, as we've never seen those blokes standing closer than 1.5...

Award Winning Tasmania

 Award winning Tasmania - a quick video tour of our Strahan shop  Henry Terry and David Foster visited the Strahan shop as part of their filming project called Award Winning Tasmania. The finished product will be shown on broadcast TV shortly, and in the meantime...