Huon Pine Log No 50

Chunky Champion

   Slab No

       1     800mm x 200mm x 2.9m        

       2     450mm x 50mm x 2.9m 

       3     900mm x 50mm x 2.9m 

       4     300mm x 130mm x 2.9m

       5     300mm x 130mm x 2.9m           

       6     250mm x 130mm x 2.9m           

        7     250mm x 130mm x 2.9m                                                    

        8     130mm x 130mm x 2.9m    

         9     100mm x 130mm x 2.9m            

       10     800mm x 160mm x 1.5m   


This ancient log has produced beautiful, mellow timber, and the thick slabs provide many opportunities for sculptural projects, joinery or furniture.

The cost is $12,500 plus GST, and for a further  $1200 – $2700 we can freight the Champion to any Australian capital.

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