Length 3.25 metres
Diameter 750-1300-900mm
Weight 800kg
Price $12,000 plus GST
Freight $1,000-$2,000

Log 8 Grotesque Glory 

Only a mother could love this piece……unless you are a sculptor, artist or appreciator of the finest things nature can conjure. This Huon pine log salvaged from the Teepookana Plateau has features which would be grotesque if they were on a human face, but absolutely beautiful in an ancient log, glowing with history.

It is 3.25 metres long, 750 – 1300 – 900mm in diameter, and weighs 800kg. Inspections are welcome at our Queenstown Sawmill, and for $12,000 plus GST this art piece can be yours, with a further $1,000 to $2,000 to freight the Glory to any Australian mainland capital city.


All photographs by Jillian Smith Salamanca Images

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