Huon Pine
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Huon Pine

Scientific Name

Lagarostrobos franklinii


Huon Pine is a Native Conifer endemic to Tasmania. Found in west and south west of Tasmania, mainly found on the edge of rivers. The tree growth is slow, growing to 30 metres in height and 1 metre in diameter.


Huon Pine is one of Australias most durable timbers. The colour of the timbers is a rich creamy yellow to golden. The grain has many features, see grades and feature type below. The timber contains a natural preserving oil. Its fine and even grain makes it easy to work with.


The foliage is stalk like consisting of tiny scales.


Joinery and turning

Grades and Feature Type

Elite Grade
Saturated Birds Eye usually incorporating Quilted and Featured wood of exclusive and best quality.
Exhibition Grade
Extremely good featured wood of either Birds Eye or other striking feature.
Well presented wood of standard furniture grade often exhibiting reasonable coverage of Birds Eye, occurring evenly or as small cluster. Alternatively displaying some reasonable feature and always without serious defeats.
Clear wood and always free of defects.
Natural Feature
Includes some type of feature often showing small knots, bark inclusion or holes.